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Re: [IPk] ketone testing

>I remember now: the scale on my diastix has a percentage, and then it
>relates the percentage to mmol/L. But whenever I've tried peeing on
>diastix, the mmol/L bears no relation to any BG I've had in the previous 24
>hours. For example, I remember using one once when my BGs had never been
>very high, certainly nothing over 12 (as an absolute upper limit), and the
>diastix told me my BG had been somewhere in the 20s!  And I'm happy to be
>able to say that, for me, any BG in the 20s is a very very rare and unusual
>occurence. So that's why I'm skeptical about them.

Ah! I suspect the mmol/L actually describes the concentration of ketones in
your urine, not the concentration of glucose in your blood?

I would be most surprised if they attempted to predict your bg based on
your urine ketones!


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