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Re: [IPk] ketone testing

>I got into an interesting discussion about ketone testing at the weekend
>with someone who has type I diabetes, is on a pump, and is also a medical
>professional (in the US), and who thought ketone testing was a waste of

I get thoroughly confused by all this...

In normal circurstances your body produces ketones when it has to get its
energy from fat - ie it can't get it from glucose. In diabetes, this
usually means you're very short of insulin. High bg + thirst + ketones =
danger. Danger from DKA coma. Some people seem to go into DKA much more
rapidly than others, so know yourself. As Michael pointed out, drink water,
take fast acting insulin and rest.

However, if you have a hypo - perhaps a long mild nocturnal hypo that you
didn't know about - the body will also produce ketones, not because it's
short of insulin, but because it's short of glucose. I don't fully
understand this, and I only learnt about this a few years ago, but it is a
useful tool. So if you wake with a normal or high bg, and feel rough, and
there are ketones in your urine, it *may* indictae that you had a hypo
during the night. Room for investigation.

So I vote for having ketone testing strips in the bathroom. I tested for
ketones back in the late 1970's - the good old days of Clinitest. But then
it went out of fashion. But since going on the pump, I test occasionally
when I want to get a clearer picture of what's going on. What I would like
are individually wrapped strips, so I can keep a few with my kit, without
taking up too much space. Anyone know if you can get them?

I disagree with the med pro you met at the conference, Di, and with
Michael. A ketone test in certain situations furnishes you with extra
information, and will encourage you to act rapidly, rather than just soon.

Ketones by meter? I guess if you are visually impaired, a meter display may
be easier to read than a faint colour on a strip.


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