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Re: [IPk] ketone testing

>And what's so hard about Diastix?
You pee on it and it changes colour.

It's the scale on the side of the bottle that I can't figure.  I don't have
any diastix with me in my bag of tricks (although I should, for testing
diet 7Up in the pub!).  I find the scale on the side of the bottle
alternatively meaningless and confusing.  I think the problem is that I'm
one of the lucky people who never had to do regular urine tests, so I can't
relate the scale to what's going on in my body.  It's easy using them to
test food:  the darker the stick, the more available the glucose is.

I remember now: the scale on my diastix has a percentage, and then it
relates the percentage to mmol/L. But whenever I've tried peeing on
diastix, the mmol/L bears no relation to any BG I've had in the previous 24
hours. For example, I remember using one once when my BGs had never been
very high, certainly nothing over 12 (as an absolute upper limit), and the
diastix told me my BG had been somewhere in the 20s!  And I'm happy to be
able to say that, for me, any BG in the 20s is a very very rare and unusual
occurence. So that's why I'm skeptical about them.


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