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Re: [IPk] ketone testing

Elizabeth wrote:
>I test occassionally in the morning if I have a wrecked head.  I do it to
>see if I had _low_ BGs during the night, however, not high.  This is on the
>principle that if you don't have enough blood sugar, your body will also
>burn fat and muscle instead of glucose, thereby producing ketones. I've
>also tested after having lowish BGs for a long period, just to see if the
>strips would change - and they did. So if my head is wrecked in the morning
>and my BGs are ok, I'll do a ketone test to see what comes up.  Then I can
>try to figure out what that bit of info means - am I going quite high
>during the night, or quite low?

Now that's interesting. I would never have thought of that.
But couldn't you just do a normal urine test for that?
If you'd been high in the night, it would show up the next morning anyway.

Presumably though, testing for blood ketones is slightly different from
testing for urine ketones, since you would get ketones if you had had
ketones at any point during the night with the urine strips, but
possibly not with tthe blood strips. So in your case of testing overnight,
the ketones might not show up int he blood test, though they would in the
urine test. Or do ketones hang around in the blood for a long time too?
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