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Re: [IPk] ketone testing

>I got into an interesting discussion about ketone testing at the weekend
with someone who has type I diabetes, is on a pump, and is also a medical
professional (in the US), and who thought ketone testing was a waste of

I test occassionally in the morning if I have a wrecked head.  I do it to
see if I had _low_ BGs during the night, however, not high.  This is on the
principle that if you don't have enough blood sugar, your body will also
burn fat and muscle instead of glucose, thereby producing ketones. I've
also tested after having lowish BGs for a long period, just to see if the
strips would change - and they did. So if my head is wrecked in the morning
and my BGs are ok, I'll do a ketone test to see what comes up.  Then I can
try to figure out what that bit of info means - am I going quite high
during the night, or quite low?

I think you're right, that if you're BGs are high and you know it, the
ketone strips don't give you any extra info.  I do remember doing a ketone
test after only a few hours of BGs between maybe 10 and 15 (can't really
remember) and the strip showed quite a lot of ketones.  It put a fright
about high BGs on me for a day or two, but these days I'm just kind of
rolling with the punches anyway.


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