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[IPk] Re: Pregnancy and Diabetes

I would say to any 
n#mother embarking on a diabetic pregnancy, to have
counselling, and fully research the services available
and the way diabetic 
pregnancy is monitored at the hospital they attend. I
really felt that these 
woen were getting less care than I had 10 years
earlier sorry to be so 
pessimistic and this is onlymy experience and not
research based

Dear Carmel

Maybe I am very lucky where I live as I received
excellent pre-pregnancy coucelling for both
pregnancies (I had a healthy baby in 1997, pre-pump).
This service is well advertised in the diabetic clinic
so anyone who visits the clinic and is thinking of
starting a family has the opportunity to obtain
counselling. The counselling I had was given by a DSN
who also deals with pregnancy. I saw her every 4 weeks
for an Hb1c and she was always available for advice. 
Now that I am pregnant I am seen at a joint
diabetic/ante-natal clinic every fortnight until about
30 weeks and then weekly. The importance of good BM
control is really emphasised. During my last
preganancy they were running a clinical trial
comparing testing 4 times a day with 7 times a day.
Fortunately I was in the 7 times a day group although
I have to admit that I actually tested a lot more than
that. At the moment I am testimg about 10 times a day
because I feel so sick all the time and can't tell if
it's because I'm hypo or just pregnant!
It will be interesting to see if this pregnancy is any
easier with a pump. At the moment the only diffenrece
I have noticed is the morning sickness. I didn't
suffer from this during my last pregnajncy. Could this
be down to better BM control this time or is it just
one of those things?


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