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Re: [IPk] Re: frequency of testing in general

>> 3 times a day is barely enough for anyone yet most GPs seem to think twice
>a day is fine. The consultant I see said that a couple of years ago a
>disgruntled GP wrote to him complaining that a IDDM patient was "testing 4
>times a day- surely expensive and unecessary"
>I find such a callous uncaring attitude apalling I thought that  most people
>now would accept 4 times a day as the minimum. I hope this GP isn't someone
>I know- I'm sure he goes on hypocritically telling people with DM they can
>lead a normal life- work, drive,sport etc and can stay healthy if they "look
>after themselves" while being reluctant to provide even the minimum standard
>of care and allow people to ensure it is safe for them to do the above.

Complex isn't it...

Analysis of prescription records suggest that there are plenty of people
with Type 1 diabetes who *never* test their own bg. Never ever ever. That's
the doctor's job. The doctor also tells them how much to inject, and when.

If that is all the patient is capable of doing, fine: let the doctor do
his/her job as best as possible. But if the patient is capable of taking an
active role in their own diabetes treatment, it is a sad indictment of the
medical profession that they are allowed to muddle along with a chronic
condition which if not adequately controlled typically leads to appalling

Then, of course, there are the adolescent girls whose official daily
insulin dose does not match the small amount of insulin they actually
receive on prescription... They are not stupid. They know how to stay nice
and slim - and that's more important to them than a low HbA1c.

(Speaking of which, JDF(UK) are holding an open meeting at the Birmingham
Children's Hospital on Sat 2 Dec. One of the morning lectures is: "What's
new in psychosocial research in adolescents with diabetes". And an
afternoon workshop on "Teenagers with diabetes". Ring 0121 685 7102 for
free tickets)

Then there is the whole field of occasional testers; liers and cheaters who
fill the book with good numbers to please the doctor (who here doesn't feel
a warm glow when the doctor smiles and says well done?); frequent testers
who do nothing intelligent with the information; and people who test
frequently, offer the results to their clinic, who in turn do nothing with
the information (very common in my experience). I once asked my clinic why
they never looked at my record book: oh, came the honest reply, record
books are usually fabricated, so we don't find them very useful. (! ! ! ! !
! ! ! !)

Times may have moved on since then, but I've never yet been treated at a
clinic that downloads the results from my meter. I'm delighted to hear that
Susan's clinic do this (and congrats on the preganancy Susan :-) Exciting
and rewarding times ahead...)


PS Anyone here involved in databases and webpages? I want to develop an XML
DTD to encode bg results and general diabetes data. If anyone has any
interest in this area, please email me privately.

mailto:email @ redacted

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