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Re: [IPk] Names you call your blood testing machine

Am I the omly fan of the one touch profike? I enjoy the comforting messagea 
no really I know what you mean but I always feel it's really accurate and I 
like being able to download the results and the graphs it produces so I can 
compare my control etc. I suppose it does have it;s faults but I have faith 
in the machine. Congratulations on your pregnancy Susan' I;m sure the pump 
will he;p achieie near normal BGs and a live healthy baby. I was given a 
pump when trying to get pregnant in 1988. unfortunately I never did but the 
pump I had was not as sophisticated as theare now Carmel

>From: Susan Morrow <email @ redacted>
>Reply-To: email @ redacted
>To: email @ redacted
>Subject: Re: [IPk] Names you call your blood testing machine
>Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 21:11:12 +0100 (BST)
>NOT ENOUGH BLOOD ! "You f***ing b***ard machine
>there's loads of
>blood !!!!! Just look at it, there's loads. I'm sure
>of it. You electronic
>XX###$$$*** !!!!! I'm going to have to do this all
>over again !"
>Hi Julian
>Your description of the above really made me laugh. I
>have the same meter and the same frustrations as you.
>As I have recently fallen pregnant I am testing my BM
>frequently and my fingers are covered in little scabs.
>I'm now down to my pinkies which I really don't like
>using as I find it quite sore to get blood from them.
>  I also really hate the 'do you need a snack' message,
>when you're hypo that can really piss you off! No I
>don't just need a snack I need some sugar and I need
>it quick. I also get fed up with the 'clean the test
>area' message which doesn't pop up until after I have
>applied the drop of blood. Yet another test strip and
>finger wasted!
>Unfortunately I am kind of stuck with this meter just
>now as the data from it is downloaded into the
>computer at the hospital which helps my diabetes team
>track how well my control is during the pregnancy. I
>do feel that 45 secs is a long time to wait compared
>to some of the other meters out there.
>On a seperate note does anyone out there have
>experience with the pump and pregnancy. Disetronic
>have given me a couple of phone numbers but it would
>also be nice to hear from people within this site. I'm
>the first person in Edinburgh to be in this situation
>so it would be nice to hear of other people's
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