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[IPk] Mail archives

>Can you please help me for the past 6 days my email ahs been down and I have
>received no emails from the mailing list, could you possible re-send any
>emails that I have lost and also let me know if I am still on the mailing

Hi Sara -

You're still on the list.

If you go to the "Discussion" section of the Insulin Pumpers UK website at
http://www.insulin-pumpers.org.uk, you'll see a link to the mail archives.
You can look through all the emails there.

The link is actually
http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/cgi/archives/mail-ip-united-kingdom You
might want to bookmark it in your browser. Because the archives are
restricted, you will need to enter you email address (in lowercase letters)
and the password "pumper" to gain access. Some people with permanent
internet access (at work, perhaps) read the ip-uk emails entirely by going
this mail archive. If anyone wants to change to this method, write to

You can also search through the archives by entering any words you're
looking for in the small box on the front page of the Insulin Pumpers UK

>Also a good bit on news I am going on a pump rail for 5 weeks starting
>from 29th September, my hospital has agreed to support me with this as well.

Congratulations :-)


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