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Re: [IPk] Names you call your blood testing machine

NOT ENOUGH BLOOD ! "You f***ing b***ard machine
there's loads of
blood !!!!! Just look at it, there's loads. I'm sure
of it. You electronic
XX###$$$*** !!!!! I'm going to have to do this all
over again !"

Hi Julian

Your description of the above really made me laugh. I
have the same meter and the same frustrations as you.
As I have recently fallen pregnant I am testing my BM
frequently and my fingers are covered in little scabs.
I'm now down to my pinkies which I really don't like
using as I find it quite sore to get blood from them.
 I also really hate the 'do you need a snack' message,
when you're hypo that can really piss you off! No I
don't just need a snack I need some sugar and I need
it quick. I also get fed up with the 'clean the test
area' message which doesn't pop up until after I have
applied the drop of blood. Yet another test strip and
finger wasted!
Unfortunately I am kind of stuck with this meter just
now as the data from it is downloaded into the
computer at the hospital which helps my diabetes team
track how well my control is during the pregnancy. I
do feel that 45 secs is a long time to wait compared
to some of the other meters out there. 
On a seperate note does anyone out there have
experience with the pump and pregnancy. Disetronic
have given me a couple of phone numbers but it would
also be nice to hear from people within this site. I'm
the first person in Edinburgh to be in this situation
so it would be nice to hear of other people's



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