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[IPk] Soluble & PZI mixture

Dear John & Michael,

Thank you both for coming back to my request regarding anyone with
experience of the Soluble / Protamine Zinc mixture and please accept my
apology for not getting back to you sooner. I was just curious and will tell
you why.

I was admitted to the local hospital on the on 1st March 1951 and found that
I had become diabetic at the age of 14. I was immediately put onto soluble
insulin. After being an inpatient for 3 weeks, the sister told me one
evening that I could go home the next day. However, the following morning
the Dr. came and told me that he was going to keep me for another week as he
wanted to try me on a new insulin that would mean just one injection a day
instead of 2. If only one could look into the future I would have said,
forget that I am going home today.

Any way, after being in the hospital for a month I went home and started my
new life with one injection a day of the above mixture. All was okay for
about 6 years and then it started to go very wrong. I lost weight rapidly,
my urine tests were very erratic, I had pains in my legs and feet at night
and was very uncomfortable in the tummy. This continued for at least 12
months by which time I was extremely thin and looking very sick. It was
obvious to all around me that unless something was done soon, then I would
not live for much longer. Unfortunately, nothing was done locally.
(I found out later that they thought there was something else wrong with me
and that I was going to die within a coup;e of years).

Naturally, my parents were very concerned but no-one really knew what to do
for the best. Eventually, arrangements were made for me to stay with an aunt
& uncle in London and a friend managed to get me an out-patient appointment
at the London Hospital. However, before that appointment was due, one
weekend I became very ill and was taken to the hospital emergency dept. I
was offered the opportunity to be sent back home by ambulance or  admitted,
I chose the latter. Two days later the specialist came to me and said "I
gave you enough of your insulin to kill about 10 ordinary people yesterday,
yet it had no effect. Do you mind if I try you on something else? I don't
like what you are on and NEVER use it!" I told him that the insulin he had
administered the previous day had given me the most terrible headache but
that I was in his hands and would be happy to try anything he suggested. I
was 21 at the time and weighed just over 6 stone. I stayed there 2 months
and by that  time my weight had increased to around 8 stone. They invited me
to come back for regular check ups, I did that for the next 32 years.The
specialist was Dr. Bomford and he used Amorphous semi-lente. I remained on
this for 18 years. While I was there they also dissolved a cataract that had
developed in my left eye..

When I returned home, my G.P. pooh-poohed the whole matter and sent me to
see the local specialist, I went just once but to be fair he said, "Well you
have seen some far more eminent people than ourselves and they have
obviously done you the power of good".

To cut the story short, I knew two ladies who also attended the local clinic
and who were on the soluble / PZI mixture, both died within 2 years.

In 1972 I was in the eye ward of the London Hospital for a cataract removal.
One morning the sister came to me and asked if would go and talk to a young
diabetic man who was in for an eye operation, he had  just had a rather
nasty hypo and was very upset. I chatted to him for a little while and found
out that he had been very erratic and unwell for quite sometime. I gathered
from the symptoms he was describing that he was on the Soluble / PZI
mixture, so I said to him, "Don't tell me what insulin you are on, let me
tell you". When I told him that he was on the dreaded mixture he said "how
the blxxdy hell do you know", I told him, because I have experienced the
same symptoms. I advised him that when he next saw his specialist to ask for
a change of insulin, he said that he couldn't possibly do that. I tried hard
to persuade him as we chatted on for sometime. I often wonder what became of

Since those experiences I have considered this to be a killer mixture, yet
you both seem to have used it for several years without trouble. So it was
obviously suitable for some people's metabolism.

Michael, I congratulate you for being on insulin for almost 60 years, in
that time you must have had many different experiences and learnt an awful
lot about diabetes and how to cope and live with it.

Many thanks again to you both and I wish you good health and happiness into
the future. And the same for everyone on the list. My apology that this is
rather long.


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