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Re: [IPk] Names you call your blood testing machine

>Investigate the newer lances. My daughter tests 6 - 8 times a day
>(for 6 years now) and I have asked her repeatedly if her fingers get
>sore and she says not. Inspection reveals that she does not have any
>significant calousing either. She uses the B&D micros and refuses to
>use anything else saying that these are very painless whereas the
>others hurt. She uses one of those adjustable lance devices as well
>that control the depth of penetration.

I use the BD MicroFine lancets as well. Something to do with the silicone
covering on the surface of the blade makes it painless (like a razor blade.
Old razor blades don't get blunt, they just loose their silicone lubricant

I also use a lo-tech whanger - BM SoftTouch. Some find the more hi-tech
ones better (like the SoftClix II) as they have a damping mechanism, which
stops the lancet shaking around when it hits the buffer, and is embedded in
your finger.


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