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Re: [IPk] Names you call your blood testing machine

> Hello fellow pumpers,
>  I am on the Harrogate / Bournemouth diesetronic pump trial which
>  dictates
> that I must blood test four times daily. This is fair enough as it
> allows accurate pump assessment and improves control. The down side
> being the attrition of your fingers. I cycle through all of them and
> some are getting pretty war-torn after ~ a year of x4 daily
> trailing. 

Investigate the newer lances. My daughter tests 6 - 8 times a day 
(for 6 years now) and I have asked her repeatedly if her fingers get 
sore and she says not. Inspection reveals that she does not have any 
significant calousing either. She uses the B&D micros and refuses to 
use anything else saying that these are very painless whereas the 
others hurt. She uses one of those adjustable lance devices as well 
that control the depth of penetration.

You didn't say what part of the finger you are using, but make sure 
to avoid the ends and pads of the fingers as this is where all the 
nerve endings are. Use the sides below the nail bed for 1/4 inch in 
either direction, left and right sides.

 Hope this helps.

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