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Re: [IPk] Names you call your blood testing machine

>Other solutions or suggestions of more colourful phrasiology would be

Hi Julian -

There are several other meters on the market which use far less blood. I
use the Bayer Esprit (also called the Dex). It requires something like 3
microlitres. Having been smearing blood over test strips for years, I was
staggered at how little it used. It draws the blood up into a tiny
transparent chamber, so you can see when it's full. And it stores 10 strips
within a cartridge within the meter itself.

A couple of other tips: wait 5 seconds after pricking your finger before
squeezing. You get far more blood.

Change the lancet more often. A fresh lancet is sharper, and makes a
cleaner cut that bleeds better and heals better.

Don't use the pad of your finger: go round the sides, almost to the base of
the nail.

I corresponded once with a Finnish girl who claimed to use her toes for bg
testing!!! There we are. Weird foreigners...


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