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Re: [IPk] Names you call your blood testing machine

Hi Julian
I can sympathise as I know how annoying it is when that happens.
You might think about switching to a meter that requires less blood (and
takes less time) such as the Bayer Esprit, the Medisense QID, or the new
Glucomen from A. Menarini.
There may be others too which require less blood, but those all take a
maximum of 30secs.  and need minimal blood.

As for solutions to the finger problem, I won't bore you with all the
usual advice which I'm sure you'ver heard, but I do wonder which finger
pricker you're using. That can make a big difference to the state of your
fingers. Personally I find the Softclix II the kindest to my fingers while
still getting plenty of blood. A close second is the Bayer Microlet. As an
ocasional (or even permanent) alternative you could try the Bayer
Vacculance, which lets you take blood from other parts of your body (though
personally i cna't get enough blood with that, except on my ear in a bored
moment of experimentation when I got about 6 gallons!)    Some people have
had more success with it though.  
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