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[IPk] An after thought

Dear Abigail, Carol, Franco & everyone,

Thank you for your e-mails and your comments. I realized after sending the
earlier report that I had forgotten to mention the following. I did ask for
a referral but this was refused. In the county of Devon, you can only have a
referral by a consultant, my G.P. would have given me one but unfortunately,
he is not allowed to. My Consultant then told that I could have a pump trial
provided I was prepared to personally accept the responsibility for any
problems that
may arise . I agreed to do this verbally but was not asked to sign anything.

When I made my first request for a pump trial, about 14 months ago, the
problems and failures experienced by some people in the 1980's were quoted
to me. I pointed out that since then, these faults and failures have almost
been ironed out and that the only real area for weakness now, is human

Abigail, may I wish you every success with your ambition and training and
Carol, I am very pleased to hear that you were eventually successful, I hope
that pump therapy continues to work well for your daughter.

Franco, my treatment is under the NHS. Unfortunately, I don't think that we
could cope with the cost of private treatment for me on a permanent basis.

Thank you all for your interest, support and encouragement.
Best wishes for a successful outcome to each and everyone of you still
trying for a pump and continued satisfaction and good health for those
already using this
form of treatment.



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