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Re: [IPk] bad site

>> Obviously, I need to avoid that spot in future.
>But how will I remember where it is six months down the line - especially
>as it's right next to some of my best infusion sites?

Why would you need to avoid it in 6 months' time?

Well, I've only been doing this 5 months, and i've already stuck myself in
places which I had tried before.  I always remember it's a bad spot _after_
I've wasted a set on it.  I wish there was a marker permanent enough to
last forever so that, once these places healed, I could put a little black
X on them to keep myself away from them.

And why in six months' time?  Well, by the time the bruise, the scab, and
the mark from this particular blood-spurter fades, it will be six months'


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