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[IPk] bad site

I'm recovering from my first really nasty site.  I changed my set Saturday
evening, and everything was fine.  Last night after tea I had a BG of 18,
which I put down in part ot the pasta, sweetcorn, and apple tart I had for
my tea.  NOthing was wieghed, so it was quite possible I needed more than
the 8 units of insulin I had with it.  Took enough insulin to bring it down
to my normal range, but woke with a BG of 9.7.  When I looked at the site,
it seemed a bit scaby, so I decided to change it when I got to work (which
is where i usually change it).

Then the fun began!  I decided not to get any paper towels because I never
make use of them when changing my set.  But, after I inserted my new set,
moved my pump, I took out the old set and - hit blood.  Lots of blood.  I
oozed at least half a tablespoon of blood.  Lucky for me a colleague came
along to see if I was going to breakfast, and I sent her for paper towels.
And I kept oozing blood. It was interesting to watch, because it didn't
stop bleeding for quite some time. And it was quite funny in a way, because
I had to slide down in my chair to keep the blood from running down the
side of my abdomen, and onto my skirt. People went wandering off looking
for plasters for me as well.

It's fairly bruised now, as you'd imagine, but it's not bleeding anymore.
I have some hypercal cream on it to keep it clean. The frustrating thing
for me was that it didn't hurt at all to insert that set, and it seemed
fine for the first day.  Obviously, I need to avoid that spot in future.
But how will I remember where it is six months down the line - especially
as it's right next to some of my best infusion sites?


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