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[IPk] Whatever happened to the Hippocratic Oath?

Dear Barry,

It's great news to hear that you are doing so well on the pump in spite of
an extremely unsupportive consultant, whose attitude I find utterly
appalling. From what little I know, isn't the Hippocratic Oath first
of all about the physician "bringing comfort" to anyone afflicted by
disease? I fail to recognize any trace of comfort in your consultant's
words, in spite of him/her presumably having taken the oath sometime in the
past. Is this an NHS or a private consultant? Either way I think that you
are entitled to receiving care from someone who is supportive of your quest
for better health and well-being, and worthy of receiving your trust. It's
probably easier by going private - in that case it's only a question of
shopping around until you find someone who suits you and you are prepared to
put your money on. I realize that it's a bit disheartening and unfair to
think of health care along  strict business terms when good health care
should be available to everyone for free, but I guess that's the way this
money-oriented world is going nowadays and there seems to be little we can
do to change it. Sigh!

All best wishes and best of luck with your pump.


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