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Re: [IPk] Are you going low ?

>I can be bolchy when I am going low and reluctant to eat something so I
>have established a proceedure with my girlfriend and family of getting them
>to get me to take sucessive numbers away from 100

o yes - this is one of the bits of my marriage where we've both really had 
to learn a lot. My wife asks cautiously whether perhaps I should do a blood 
sugar test, and I try not to throw anything or shout. Instead I try to 
convince myself that these are not things I usually do to convince anyone my 
blood sugar is ok, and by that time I've usually remembered that Johanna is 
right about my blood sugar perhaps 9 times out of ten and quietly do the 
blood test whilst hoping she's at least wrong this time...

This is still -really- hard 2 oclock in the morning (which hasnt happened 
once since I went on the pump 7 months ago, BTW), but we're getting there.

I had real problems being honest with my parents about my blood sugar and 
the state of my control whilst in my teens (I mean we're talking about 
stacks of mars bars hidden in my room for secret nashing here), so I feel 
I've made lots of progress!


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