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Hi, I just wanted to let you know about my experience with sun-bathing and a
pump. I have had my pump for nearly 2 years and love the sun, and sun-beds!
I went to Malta this year and it was very hot. I lay in the sun, still
attached and slowely turned golden!! Unknown to me, the sun "curdled" my
insulin, basically, it went off! I had to revert back to injections! Since
this experience, I now take my pump off when I am in the sun. Every half
hour I re-connect and give myself a bolus. For me, this works perfectly
well, I am still able to keep my sugar levels low. Altho I do have to keep
checking my blood.
Hope that helps you
Best wishes, Sharon
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Date: 15 September 2000 16:44
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>> * Can you sunbathe with a pump on?  (Not generally an issue in
>> Aberdeen but still a concern!)
>Interesting question. Right after my daughter's dx, before we knew
>pumps existed, we were camping by the American River and the fella in
>the next campsite had the most unusual rectangular sunburned spot on
>his belly. A couple of days later my younger daughter (non-diabetic)
>returned from play and told me the fella next to us was a diabetic
>like Lily -- to make a long story short, I chatted with him and he
>told us about the pump. Turns out he had gotten tan with his pump on
>and then when he removed that site and the Tegaderm patch, he got a
>bad sunburn where the patch had been as he forgot to put on
>sunscreen. Kind of a funny story, but that is how we learned about
>the pump and what led to my daughter getting one a few months later.
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help SUPPORT Insulin Pumpers http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/donate.shtml