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RE: [IPk] <no subject>

You'll all be pleased to know....
The first meeting of a new forum for health professionals was held last
Friday. PUMPs (Pump management Professionals) is designed to be a health
professionals forum who's goal is 3-fold. 
1. to make sure health professionals have access to accurate information
on pump therapy,
2. (Starting mainly in diabetes centres) to give Health professionals
the skills to manage new and old-hand (or young if you feel it) patients
who are either thinking of, or having been using pumps to control their
diabetes. The forum will be a regular meeting group for healthy
professionals with queries in managing special cases (eg: cystic
fibrosis on pump therapy...) whilst gathering information based on real
patient cases (rather than the dissemination of 1980's major case
failures), and  
3. To lobby support of health and funding bodies for pumps and

Quite a few health professionals were interested in still being a part
of the forum but could not leave their clinic to attend the first
meeting but at over 60 people attended the first meeting. 

I think we are well on the way to improving access and quality of life
for those who need and would use pump therapy as part of their diabetes

Hope you all agree (despite it taking a while...)
Jules :)
Julette Kentish
Diabetes Research Dietitian
Royal Bournemouth Hospital
Castle Lane East - Bournemouth DORSET BH7 7DW
ph: 01202 704929
email @ redacted

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> Elizabeth -
>  While I agree that in this country there are consultants (not to
> mention
> GP's) who can't tell left from right, I am convinced that a good deal
> of the
> medical profession's scepticism towards the pump is due to a kind of
> subtle
> indoctrination (or shall we say brain-washing), itself the result of
> the
> high costs associated with the pump and consumables -  "can't be
> afforded,
> therefore it isn't any good". Proof positive the fact that the
> majority of
> medics with diabetes themselves are on the pump  - presumably not an
> unbearable financial burden for them since, I am told, overall the
> average
> medical practitioner has an income substantially above the national
> mean.
> Would anyone take a bet that, should the purchase and running costs of
> pumps
> go down considerably, all of a sudden many once-sceptical
> practitioners will
> become supportive of the pump and hail its benefits as a major
> breakthrough
> over conventional therapy? Ah! What a perfect world we live in!
> Nothing but
> the quest for Truth and Knowledge driving medical "science" ... :-)
> I'll place 20 quid; anyone on?
> Franco
> P.S. I found a snippet (now misplaced) about a new insulin analog
> whose
> action is directed specifically to the liver; does anyone have further
> news
> or the snippet itself? Thanks -f-
> >I'm sure you know what you can tell your consultant!  And does he
> live
> >himself with diabetes.  I won't even bother going into the rant;
> everyone
> >here, including newer people know its contents.  Mutter, mutter,
> grrrrr,
> >idiot consultants, mutter, mutter,
> >grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...
> >elizabeth
> >having a shorter rant than usual
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