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[IPk] Re V#325

Before I close there is a question that I would like to ask. Has anyone had
experience with a mixture of Soluble and PZI (Protamine Zinc Insulin)? These
were animal insulins used several years ago.


Goodness - you are harking back !! I started on this combination over 34
years ago and remained on it for some 15 years before being 'persuaded' to
move onto 2 injections / day. Unfortunately, the most I remember about the
combination was more to do with metal & glass syringes and stainless steel
reusable needles complete with cleaning wires and sharpening stones !! (and
18G I seem to recall ! So only 1 injection / day was enough !)

If you have a specific query - let me know.

For what it's worth, I've been pumping for 8 months and there is no
comparison to the previous existence on 4+ injections / day (HbA1C of 5.8%
at last count !)
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