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Re: [IPk] Re: Infection from pump site

> So sorry to hear of the pump infection.  Hope it will never recurr.
> This scared me a great deal when it was suggested that I go on the
> pump
< snip >
> and was advised to clean the
> skin with an alcohol wipe before inserting a new needle.

Alcohol has almost no sterilizing effect. You would be better off 
using soap and water.

The recurring infection problems that some people have is caused by 
bacteria which they carry in their nasal passages. A small but 
significant number of people are carriers to these 'bugs' and they 
are benign to them except when they get into a wound. You can be 
tested to see if you are a carrier quite easily by your physician. 
There are several people on the US mail list with this problem and 
they had site problems until the source of the problem was 
identified. The procedure to put in an infusion site needs to be 
modified so there is always a "clean" field for all the things used 
during insertion.

1) wash hands with soap and water, dry on a freshly washed towel or 
paper towel (cleaner than laundered towels according to WHO).
Make sure not to touch your face -- we do this unconciously all the 

2) place all items to be used on clean paper towel, draw insulin, get 
everything ready for insertion -- be careful not to touch yourself, 
sneeze, or touch your face.

3) prep the site with an iodine based disenfectant such as Providine 
wipes and let dry, remove excess with alcohol wipe and let dry.

4) prep the site with a skin prep such as Smith & Nephew Skin Prep or 
IV Prep -- or similar Bards Wipe

5) do the insertion as before

This procedure will pretty much eliminate recurring site infections.
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