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Re: [IPk] Recording results and starting the pump

>*	How do you know which infusion sets are best for you - is it trial
>and error?

Yes. Try them all. You can't know which you prefer until you have. Most
seem to like Tender/Silhouettes, but SofSets, Rapids and bent needles have
their own advantages. Rapids are the most foolproof to use, and for that
reason many German clinics make you start with those, and then progress to
Tender/Silhouettes once you are more experienced.

>*	What is the best way to record all your readings and rates?

In a diary of some sort. The more information you record, the more chance
you have of finding ways to improve. I've seen a nice little pocket diary
with pull-out daily sheets supplied my Disetronic. I've no idea if MiniMed
do anything similar.

>*	Do you have to record your carb. intake?

It helps (see above).

>*	Can you sunbathe with a pump on?  (Not generally an issue in
>Aberdeen but still a concern!)

Yes - if you must :-) On a beach you can disconnect, and top up with a unit
of insulin every hour, or whatever you need.

>*	What happens when you go through security at an airport?

Nothing usually. But if you do get "frisked" there's illegal about wearing
medical equipment.

>*	Should I put my pump on my household insurance?

Yes - if you can.

>*	Did anyone else start to feel a bit terrified as the date comes

Yes! I was consumed with a curious mixture of extreme excitement and
anxiety. After 20 years of injections, it seemed extraordinary to be


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