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Re: [IPk] Re: Infection from pump site

>My brother, who lives in London, and used a pump for a couple of years
>some 8-10 years ago, had to stop because of infections.
>After miscellaneous minor infections, he eventually got a case of what
>was described graphically in the tabloid press at the time, as
>'flesh-eating' strep infection (I think).  He was critically ill with
>this on two occasions, needed surgery to remove all infected tissue

Gosh Nanette - how extraordinary! Does your brother have any other
illnesses that impair his immune system? Certainly badly controlled
diabetes weakens the immune system, as does stress and being an unfit couch
potato. I do remember tabloid-tales about 10 years ago of flesh-eating
super-bugs that had infected many hopsitals, and were resistant to all
disinfectants. No idea what came of it all...

Human skin is certainly designed to be broken and to heal. Our own immune
system is our number one defense against infection. We can help a little by
not taking bacteria in with the insertion, but there are naturally millions
of bacteria on every square inch of skin. If you are a dirty person, an
alcohol swab will clean the area of grease, but it won't sterilise it. If
you want the area to be truly sterile (which many find to be unnecessary)
you have to use chlorhexidine or iodine, which kills on contact.

I sometimes use iodine on a bit of cotton wool, sometimes use a
chlorhexidine+isopropyl swab, and sometimes use nothing. Like you, I've
never in nearly 3 years experienced a serious infection.


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