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Re: [IPk] Recording results and starting the pump

On Thu, 14 Sep 2000, you wrote:
>I think and hope that I am going to start my (Minimed) pump trial on 3rd
>October.  NHS funding of the pump was never really an option and I have
>agreed to fund it myself but may well (fingers crossed) be having my
>consumables funded.

Hi Audrey
Wonderful news! And the funding of the consumables is much more important
than the funding of the pump, both in the long term, and in the short term,
as it means you don't have to think twice about the cost of changing a
dodgy set and that kind of thing.

 >I have been reading as much as possible
so I know what to expect, but still >have a few questions: > >*	How do you
know which infusion sets are best for you - is it trial >and error?

Pretty much. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. Personally I
like Silhouettes over Sofsets because I prefer to put them in by hand (that
way I can tell if it's going to be a bad site before it's too late, and I
dont have to carry around the Sofserter), because they go in at an angle
(important if you're skinny, not that I am!), because they disconnect right
at the site, which means you can refill the reservoir without changing the
set,  because there's not a big sticking out bit on top of the site,
because the tape's easier to put on, and because they're much more
comfortable. But some people like Sofsets because they're easier to put in,
and for various other reasons no doubt. Get samples of both (anbd anythign
else) and see what you like.

>*	What is the best way to record all your readings and rates?
Personally i don't (shock horror) so I'll leave that to others. Whatever
you find easiest, I guess.

 >*	Do you have to record your carb. intake?
I don't, but you'll probably find it useful at least to start with, when
you're sorting out rates etc.

 >*	Can you sunbathe with a pump on? 
(Not generally an issue in >Aberdeen but still a concern!)
Yes. Try and keep it out of the direct sun though or it might get a bit
hot. I keep it in its case, and attach the case to my swimming costume
using the clip - on the *inside* at the back (where the top of the bit that
overs your bottom is, if you see what I mean), or else on the inside on the
hip (upside down). I've never had any problems like that.
You can also use the Sports Guard which will protect it a bit better from
sand etc. I guess.

>*	What happens when you go through security at an airport?
In most cases, nothing. It doesn't hurt the pump, and it's unlikely to set
the machine off, though sometimes they do. In which case, you just have to
explain what it is. I always make sure it's in an easily accessible place
and I can detach it easily if necessary though.
 > * Should I put my pump on
my household insurance? >
Personally I haven't, as it's awkward with my insurance, but it's probably a
good idea. if you can. 
 * Did anyone else start to feel a bit
terrified as the date comes >closer? 
I think that's fairly normal. The scariest thing for me was trusting that
I wouldn't die when the usual time came to have my injection and I didn't
need to do it!!! You'll soon get used to it though.

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