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Elizabeth -

 While I agree that in this country there are consultants (not to mention
GP's) who can't tell left from right, I am convinced that a good deal of the
medical profession's scepticism towards the pump is due to a kind of subtle
indoctrination (or shall we say brain-washing), itself the result of the
high costs associated with the pump and consumables -  "can't be afforded,
therefore it isn't any good". Proof positive the fact that the majority of
medics with diabetes themselves are on the pump  - presumably not an
unbearable financial burden for them since, I am told, overall the average
medical practitioner has an income substantially above the national mean.

Would anyone take a bet that, should the purchase and running costs of pumps
go down considerably, all of a sudden many once-sceptical practitioners will
become supportive of the pump and hail its benefits as a major breakthrough
over conventional therapy? Ah! What a perfect world we live in! Nothing but
the quest for Truth and Knowledge driving medical "science" ... :-)

I'll place 20 quid; anyone on?


P.S. I found a snippet (now misplaced) about a new insulin analog whose
action is directed specifically to the liver; does anyone have further news
or the snippet itself? Thanks -f-

>I'm sure you know what you can tell your consultant!  And does he live
>himself with diabetes.  I won't even bother going into the rant; everyone
>here, including newer people know its contents.  Mutter, mutter, grrrrr,
>idiot consultants, mutter, mutter,

>having a shorter rant than usual

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