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[IPk] Re: Infection from pump site

So sorry to hear of the pump infection.  Hope it will never recurr.

You asked if anyone else had similar horror stories.
My brother, who lives in London, and used a pump for a couple of years
some 8-10 years ago, had to stop because of infections.
After miscellaneous minor infections, he eventually got a case of what
was described graphically in the tabloid press at the time, as
'flesh-eating' strep infection (I think).  He was critically ill with
this on two occasions, needed surgery to remove all infected tissue
As a result he was advised not to use the pump again, indeed only to
use  one time syringes (no pens or anything with needles which are

This scared me a great deal when it was suggested that I go on the
pump, but I reassured myself by thinking that no doubt the materials
and technologies of pumps today are improved over 10 years ago (since
that was long before my DM days, I didn't take much interest in my
brother's device at the time), and that the risks are lower - but
evidently not non-existent.  

So far after almost 2 years on the pump, I have never had an infection
of the pump site bad enough to need treatment - long may it continue!  
I use a Disetronic pump, and was advised to clean the skin with an
alcohol wipe before inserting a new needle.

Good luck with infection-free pumping.

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