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Re: [IPk] Infection from pump site

>> Sharon, your story is a bit frightening. I'm glad you're better now and
>hope you've no further problems
>I was told when "trained"  in pump usage that there is no need to use
>disinfectants etc before inserting sets. American pump users seem to
>disinfect and in my disetronic manual it states that this is necessary. What
>were minimed users advised and what do other users do? I recently started
>bying antibacterial handwash but wonder wether I should use chlorhexidine or
>hibiscrub and how to obtain this. I was always lead to believe that you
>can't completely eliminate bacteria from skin and that using chemicals dries
>and causes cracks thus predisposing to more infection

Hi Abigail
Some do (disinfect) and swear by it. Some don't, and swear it doesn't make
any difference.
I think if you're prone to infections then you probably should. I did for a
while and then gave up, and have only ever had a couple of very minor
infections that cleared up in a couple of days.  One was when disinfecting
first and one wasn't.
Some people don't disinfect but have a shower first.
I just stick a set on and go, unless I've just been mud-wrestling, in which
case I would have a shower first :-)
I'm sure the official Minimed training would recommend disinfecting first,
as do all the pump books I've seen, but for most people it probably doesn't
make much difference.
I'm sure someone will now jump down my throat and tell me how dangerous it
is not to disinfect, just as people used to say how dangerous it is to
inject through clothing, or not wash your hands before doing a blood test

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