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Re: [IPk] What were my basal rates, please?

>Hmmm... my MiniMed 507 has just gone splat again, with an E15 error. I was
>bolussing 2 units, when it burped and reset itself. It's done this before -
>just over 2 months ago. Is my pump showing it age (nearly 3 years) or what?

Oh sigh!!!!

My dear old pump has just coughed yet another E15 error. After the E15 last
week, Ray Morrissey at AMT/MiniMed told me the error was "not serious", but
clearly inconvenient if I had to reenter all the pump settings and basal
rates. And if it happened again, I should send it in to be checked out...

So my pump must now be checked. I presume they will hot-swap it with a
replacement so I will not be left pumpless.

But I checked the reserve bottle of long-acting I keep in the fridge, and
found it to be over a year past its expiry date!


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