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The Continuous Glucose Monitoring System is a serious diagnostic tool for
hospital diabetes teams which enables them  to manage diabetic patients by
suggesting modifications of, and changes to, treatments. Particularly those
who have frequent hypo's.

It is of particular value to pump users as it enables the basal rates to be
set very accurately, the sensor measures the average glucose every 5 minutes
throughout the three day period. When removed the information is downloaded
onto a computer and a series of daily graphs produced.

I am fortunate to be a patient at The Royal Bournemouth Hospital where they
have two sensors and run special clinics for pump users. First you see the
consultant, then the dietician and finally the Diabetes Specialist Nurse.
Both the dietician (Jules) and the DSN (Joan Everett) are members of this

I have had two separate sessions on the sensor and hope to post the results
on the INPUT site in the near future.

My results showed that although I was under the impression that I had my
basals right, I was, in fact, going hypo between BG tests, mainly in the
afternoon and evenings. They also showed that I went consistently hypo
between 2am and 3am and then rose gradually towards morning.

Subsequent changes to basal rates has meant that now, when fasting, I remain
steady with a BG around 6.0 for the entire fasting period, no matter when
that may be.

I can now go happily to bed with a BG of 5 - 6Mmol and KNOW that when I wake
up, it will still be around 5- 6. So as far as I am concerned, it is more
than interesting, it is a serious piece of kit that every pump user should
try. Go pester your hospital!!

I will be posting full details, together with charts and CHO intake on the
INPUT website in the near future.

Sorry if this seems rambling, but it's 22:40 and I've had a hard day! If
anyone would like further information you are welcome to phone me on 01590

John Davis

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