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Re: [IPk] RE: BG testing at night, hypos and continuous monitoring

>That's interesting. I don't tend to get that at all, in fact, I often get
>the opposite. But maybe that's because the factor that caused my low BG int
>he night is still causing it the next day.

Before I went on the pump, I used to have frequent and often severe
nighttime hypos at random - for no identifiable reason. All rather
depressing. I now get occasional mild nighttime hypos for extremely
identiable reasons - my own incompetent stupidity!!! (even more depressing?)

Two recent examples of the actions of a sentient human being (me):

Changed infusion set before going to bed. Bolussed 2.5 units without
thinking to "get things going". Checked bg - a bit on the low side. Was
tired. Went to sleep. Had hypo! Surprise surprise...


Woke up in night feeling tired. Thought it might be a high bg, so I didn't
test, but bolussed 4 units (that would drop my bg by 10), turned over, and
went back to sleep. Had hypo 2 hours later...

Perhaps my mother was right - I am a silly fool.


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