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[IPk] RE: BG testing at night, hypos and continuous monitoring

On Tue, 05 Sep 2000, you wrote:
>>However, I find it difficult to test at night because I can't go back to
>>sleep, and then that not only messes me up, but messes up my BGs.
>I must also confess that, like you Di, I have never set my alarm in the
>middle of the night to routinely check my bg. 

I have done it ONCE! But I often wake in the night anyway, and occasionally
I've tested then.

>I sleep very badly - ie I wake up - when my bg is high (ie above 10 or 12).
>This usually coincides with needing to go to the loo. But I don't wake up
>if I have a mild hypo - I just wake feeling very grotty in the morning. And
>if I wake in the morning with a low bg, I find that I need an increased
>basal rate for the rest of the day. I presume my body increases its insulin
>resistance in response to the untreated hypo. Therefore I need more insulin
>to get the same effect - but it usually settles back down within 12 hours.

That's interesting. I don't tend to get that at all, in fact, I often get
the opposite. But maybe that's because the factor that caused my low BG int
he night is still causing it the next day.

>I shall be speaking to my clinic in Freiburg about it next week (I'm
>British, but live in Germany). They were expecting to receive a new
>continous glucose meter over the summer. I don't know what's happened yet,
>or who they will allow to use it.

Maybe I should ask my clinic about it next week when I go....
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