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Re: [IPk] Re: Animas pump

Di wrote of the Animas pump:

And the temp basal rate is weird.
You can have an additional 90 percent increment, but you can only decrease
it by 50 percent. Now that is weird!
I frequently decrease down to about 10 percent for exercise.
Oh, and it only holds 3ml of insulin as opposed to 5ml, which might  annoy
some people.

I don't really understand these 'basal rates by percentage'.  To be fair,
I've never used a pump that uses this method, but it seems very fiddly to
me.  The advantage I see with the Animas model would be that you could say,
increase your .3/hr basal to .45/hr - although the way di phrased it, it
sounds like you can only increase by 90%.  Is that right, or am I missing
information?  That seems particularly strange to me, if it's true.  When
4.30pm comes and I'm still at work, I definitely want to increase my .3 to
.6.  Granted, a 90% increase brings it up to .57, and where's the
difference in that.  But if you're on 1/hr, say, and you want 2/hr, there
_is_ a significant difference in that .1 unit.

Oh dear, I seem to be muttering.  Anyway, I think the menu interface is a
good idea, but I _definitely_ don't need snap-on colour co-ordinated
covers.  Pumps require enough junk as it is!


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