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[IPk] Re: Animas pump

>I've just played around with Anima's pump. Well, not really, just the
>virtual one on their Website. I seem to understand that this pump's basal
>rates can be programmed to 2 decimal places (i.e. *.**)? Can anyone confirm
>this? If this is effectively so, ... ah! I wish I could have one and dear
>Santa please give me one this Christmas and would anyone like a 5-month old
>"state-of-the-art", or so they say, pump complete with remote control at a
>cut price?  I have 6/7 basal rates during the 24 hour cycle ranging from
>0.2-0.3 to 1.2-1.3. 

>From what I understand, you can set your basal rate to  0.05 increments,
but not to decimal places as such. Not that I can foresee that you'd need
to. ie you can have the option of 0.65 as being in between 0.6 qnd 0.7

but you can't bolus in less than 0.1 unit increments (not that I can think
you'd need to).
Also, it's only available with one of the two models.

It does look very impressive. Especially the coloured snapon fronts
I also like the ability to have the clip on sideways. I would much prefer
to be able to clip my pump on sideways, so it doesn't pull my trousers or
skirt down so much!
And the amount of insulin remaining.

 But there's no remote control :-(
And the temp basal rate is weird.
You can have an additional 90 percent increment, but you can only decrease
it by 50 percent. Now that is weird!
I frequently decrease down to about 10 percent for exercise.
Oh, and it only holds 3ml of insulin as opposed to 5ml, which might  annoy
some people.
The menu display looks very small too.
And it's very fiddly to program anything in.
Can't say I like that part of it much.

So, it's very attractive. But I don't think it's functionally as good
(except for the 0.05 increments if you need them).
 Guess I'll stick with my MM for now :-)


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