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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V1 #315

>Can anyone who has managed to get funding for their p
ump/consumables let us know which area you live in and who has funded you
eg. Local HA or PCG and how did you get it !!. It would be especially very
very useful to hear from anyone in West Sussex. We are presently fighting
for funding and our local PCG is interested in who else has managed to get
it as the more that have will go in other users favour.

Hi Claire
I consider myself very lucky in that I have lived in two different health
authority areas and managed to get funding from both (for the sets - not
for the actual pump).
In Manchester I was under the Manchester Diabetes Centre, which had a
special fund for pump funding - so it wasn't firectly money from the Health
I moved to Sheffield in January and have just managed to persuade them to
fund my infusion sets too. I am dubious as to whether they would have done
had I not already been on a pump, and able to prove how important it is to
me to be able to continue. I basically badgered my consultant to ask them,
and she did.  
Good luck with persuading yours.
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