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[IPk] Anima's pump

I've just played around with Anima's pump. Well, not really, just the
virtual one on their Website. I seem to understand that this pump's basal
rates can be programmed to 2 decimal places (i.e. *.**)? Can anyone confirm
this? If this is effectively so, ... ah! I wish I could have one and dear
Santa please give me one this Christmas and would anyone like a 5-month old
"state-of-the-art", or so they say, pump complete with remote control at a
cut price?  I have 6/7 basal rates during the 24 hour cycle ranging from
0.2-0.3 to 1.2-1.3. I've always felt that being able to set my br only to 1
decimal place - as my current pump allows - is simply not good enough for me
because my br's are so variable and sensitive to all sorts of factors.
Apparently my consultant had also approached the manufacturers on this
subject but his plea to have 0.05 as the minimum possible br increment might
have fallen on deaf ears. Ah! So now the competition are presenting a
challenge? Well we do live in the era of free market economy  and may the
best one win.


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