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Re: [IPk] Research Inquiry

In reply to Pat Reynolds:    When you talk of Monotard, I assume you are not
on a pump. Your high morning BGs remind me of my  experience in my pre-pump
days. Have you ever had proper 24 hour BG monitoring on an intravenous pump
with hourly tests, for several days, to determine your real basal
requirements? This has to be done as an in-patient, of course, and is not a
pleasant experience, but it produces more useful information than years of
fiddling and self-help.

For me, for example, when I had finally lost patience with different
injection regimes, (and because I felt increasingly unwell generally, and
kidney function was deteriorating)  it showed that ,with intravenous
Actrapid, I needed no insulin at all as a basal rate between midnight and
three a.m., but up to two and a half units per hour towards dawn and
different amounts at other times of the day. The conclusion was that such
dosages could not be replicated with conventional multi-injection treatment
and I was given a pump.  Thereafter for good control I found that I  had to
play, with my specialist's advice, with tenths of a unit at certain times of
day, and the dosages continue to evolve.

Another element to be considered, which I have never seen discussed in the
literature made available to patients, is hyperglaecemic reactions to blood
sugars well above the "normal" range.  These can occur when the blood sugar
falls rapidly from a high level, or when it is compressed, as it should be,
at near normal levels, for an extended period, when the nervous system is
not used to it: I also thought at some times I had had a hypoglaecemic
reaction, resulting in high blood sugar on waking when, in reality, I had
only had clinically normal BG levels. I had this problem acutely several
years ago, but it diminishes (over years) with better overall BG control. It
is the diabetic's equivalent of "cold turkey".

I hope this may be of some use to you.

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