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Re: [IPk] My pump trial - first impressions

Hi Mike 
Sorry ot hera you ahven't ahd such a great start. 
Some people find it does take a little time for thigns to settle down.
Every so often I seem to have problems with sites going bad. Stress
seems to be a factor.

Also, you might want to try a different site. Wherabouts are you
inserting the sets? I find the lower abdomen is the best place for
me. In the upper abdomen they never last as long. Also it depends on
what I'm wearing. Sometimes the belt or waistband can rub on the set
and irritate or dislodge it slightly.

Your set should be able to stand up to evryday wear and tear. I dance
a lot and have only once had a problem with site (when my dance
partner accidentally got his hand caught on the tubing!). I find the
Silhouettes/Tenders stay put very well. I also do stuff like playing
football, softball going to the gym and swimming and again, no problem
with the sets.

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