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[IPk] My pump trial - first impressions

Well!  My trial started on Wednesday last week and some interesting stuff
has happened already!

1.	I'm sleep-deprived and hungry!  Been trying to get the basal level
set properly and am mostly winning with this.  Nearly there.

2.	I have had ***2*** sites go "bad" already, the first one and now the
third one (so two bad sites out of four in fact).  I am putting this down to
beginners bad luck but it's very discouraging especially when my
expectations of pumping were highish.  My BGs shot up and I bolused using my
time-honoured pen to correct, then changed the set as per standard
procedure.  It's very unsettling, esp for a newcomer.

3.	I feel anxious about the robustness of the site, and having all this
tubing and hardware attached to me.  The hardware gets in the way, no
question, and I don't know how I will adapt to the "wearing" side of
pumping.  I don't like it already.

The actual infuson site itself seems to be "fragile", easily disturbed
(although this may be my perception only). What is your experience of this?
Are sites able to stand day-to-day wear and tear (an open question I know)?
I include in this general rough and tumble such as playing with the kids,
going for a run, having the pump fall out of my pocket, moving around in bed
(I'm a wriggler!). The pump fell out of my pocket after a set change on
Sunday and I think this disturbed things as I went high high after that -
the pump itself was working perfectly so must have been the site (I bolused
with the pen and then re-sited).  Note that I am using the Disetronic
"Tender" set (like the SofSet I think) and I wonder if I should be using
this to start with (in "Pumping Insulin" John Walsh suggests starting with a
steel needle until technique is sorted out and stability is going well, then
changing to teflon canulas after a settling-in period).  I understand that
the teflon catheter is prone to kinking and requires careful technique to
insert the "Tender".  Some people use a tape such as MeFix over the site I
believe - is this used for protection?

So, a fairly bumpy start.  Comments would be great!


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