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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V1 #118

     Thank you for your input on average length of time for getting used to 
     a pump. I'm quite happy with gadgets and being in the computer 
     profession I can think logically and troubleshoot ... so your comments 
     were encouraging.
     About financing - I think it will be self financed unless I can find 
     another way. I've been informed by a rep from Accu-Science (suppliers 
     of MiniMed in Ireland) that in the south of Ireland pumps are 
     reembursed by the health service, and supplies are free! I'm 
     originally from Northern Ireland, and hold an Irish and Brtish 
     passport - so maybe ... then again I'm currently resident in Nairobi 
     so that might be a bit tricky. Anyway I really want to change to the 
     pump, so somehow I'll cover the costs. I have to pay for all supplies 
     here in Kenya anyway, so it won't be a big change apart from the 
     initial outlay of course.
     I believe the specialist at the Lagan Valley Hosp. is a Dr Walsh? I'm 
     in the process of establishing contact with him.
     Thank again.
     Paul Kennedy

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