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Re: [IPk] Research Inquiry

Peter Jennings wrote:

> Hello Everyone,
> I have a question that maybe someone out there could answer.  Katie, my wife
> and I were talking about research studies related to the duration of
> hyperglycemic episodes and the incidence of complications.
> Basically, we are curious to know if the incidence of complications varies
> between the following two groups of diabetics.
> Group A whose postprandial blood sugar spikes, at say 17 for example, but
> comes  down quickly within the hour to 6ish
> Group B diabetics who spike at 17 postprandial and remain elevated for a 4
> plus hours?
> Moira, I am putting you on the spot! :)
> Thanks,
> Pete

Pete,You are being pesky !  Do you mean Group A and B are both  type 2 and we
are talking impaired or delayed glucose reaction or do you mean type 1 patients
that have a differing response profiles to insulin ?  It is funny that should
ask as I was wondering today if it is okay for my blood glucose to be 13 one
hour after eating and 6 two-three hours after eating. If I never checked after
the hour but always checked after two I would have the mistaken impression that
I had perfect blood glucose all the time. In a non diabetic they would never
rise above 6 or 7mmol/l so surely anything that takes the body out of the
physiological normal would have some health implications whatever they are. It
is something I would like to look into myself, got a lab and a grant ?, I'll
make a start !

Puzzled in Sussex

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