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[IPk] Hello from AMT

I've been quietly looking at the correspondence and enjoying the lively
discussions. They certainly help us retain a perspective on the real
problems out there.

There has been some correspondence between John Neale and John Huges
regarding 'Pump Life' which need clarification.

 The situation with AMT/MiniMed is that there is no definite limit on pump
life. We can provide a 2 or 4 year warranty on new pumps as required for a
slight difference in costs.

After the warranty period has expired the pumps can be repaired at any time
by returning to MiniMed for a fixed fee - currently 325.00. (AMT handle all
the shipping and includes the loan of a pump for the period at no extra
charge).This usually returns a pump which is visually 'as new' and with a
further 6 month warranty. I know of no pump which has required more than one
such repair during all of this period. But of course if you want your pump
to last 10 years you may have to pay something - you get your car serviced
don't you!!.

In reality we still have pumps out there from when we first started working
with Minimed about 8 years ago and I am not aware of any buttons hanging
out!! We have only retired four pumps in all this time for people who
decided to upgrade to a newer model.

Any way I am not opposed to anyone who would want to buy a nice shiny new
pump after 4 years!! Please call me on ...........!!

'The pumping mechanism is guaranteed for life'. As I understand this it
means that if a failure of the pump arises from the failure of the pumping
solenoid/mechanism at any time then this will be covered by warranty. I do
not suppose any of you out there are naive enough to expect any mechanism to
last your lifetime. (Anyway I will let you all know when we get our first
'pump mechanism failure).

I am pleased to welcome Peter Jennings to our team as a Nurse Educator, and
I am glad that Rita finds it useful to have a 'colleague' on the road with
her. I hope that despite our 'competitive' stand they will keep in touch to
address common problems. As Peter is a pump wearer himself he can share many
of the experiences that you all have.

In terms of 'feeling lonely out there' - well after eighteen years at this
on my own I know just how it feels !!. I am 'over the moon' about the
current situation where there is so much more interest. I will be delighted
to feel that by helping to keep this therapy alive during the 'desert years'
that I have made some personal contribution to the situation.

I would also confirm John Hughes pump figures - we have just in excess of
200 people using our pumps at the moment - some of whom we have been
associated with for the whole of my time in this area - about 18 years.

We are still getting daily reports from people who can't get funding - or
who have had funding withdrawn - so keep shouting about it in the hope that
someone will listen eventually.

Best Regards to all

Ray Morrissey

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From: John hughes <email @ redacted>
To: <email @ redacted>
Sent: Friday, September 24, 1999 12:19 PM
Subject: Re: [IPk] How long?

> John
> I have to correct your comment re the MiniMed pump running indefinitely
> what you say is misleading and inaccurate - it does if you pay for any
> repairs/servicing etc outside the guarantee period ie you are committing
> yourself to unspecified and unforeseen future expenditure.
> With the Disetronic pump the costs are up front with no hidden extras.  I
> also understand that only the motor is guaranteed 'for life' on the
> system not the whole pump components.  By the way in a previous company I
> know of the phrase 'guaranteed for life' was not accepted by the  Trading
> Standards Office in the Uk as they considered this phrase misleading-worth
> checking up on.
> Best wishes
> John H
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> From: John Neale <email @ redacted>
> To: email @ redacted <email @ redacted>
> Date: 24 September 1999 00:27
> Subject: Re: [IPk] How long?
> >>I'm wondering how long it normally takes to get established and
> >>i.e.
> >>how long would I need to plan to go home for?
> >
> >Paul -
> >
> >Depends on how comfortable you are with the gadgets, and to what extent
> >are a natural troubleshooter/logical thinker. Most of the training
> >teaching you how to anticipate problems and solve them before they become
> >serious.
> >
> >I would guess a few days to get the hang of it all, a few weeks to settle
> >in and sort out the finer points, and then 6 months to become an old
> >Most "support" can be over the phone, so I guess a few weeks in Britain
> >would be ample.
> >
> >But that's just my opinion. And I've only been through it once :-)
> >
> >>Also, comments on which pump is populer with UK users and why.
> >
> >Arrange to handle both pumps before you decide. How are you financing
> >things? The Disetronic pump is programmed to only run for 4 years. After
> >this you must start all over again and buy a new one. The logic is that
> >prevents you using old equipment. They also provide you with 2 pumps (2
> >years per pump) so you have a backup pump ready in case of need.
> >
> >On the other hand, the Minimed pump runs indefinitely, which concerns
> >people since you could be running around with a 20 year old pump with a
> >smashed up case and worn out buttons...
> >
> >John
> >
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