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[IPk] Minimed Glucose Sensor Update

John ,
In response to your questions I can tell you that we have now started our
first European Clinical trial with the sensor in Toulouse .
Trials in Germany and Scandinavia will follow [ all major pump countries
will be given priority ]

!.- The first model to be used in the UK will be a holter style system which
will be worn for 3-4 days and will record an interstitial glucose level
every 5 minutes .
The idea is to wear the system during specific activities and to learn more
about your glycemic response to these events ie / during and after exercise
, after meals [ try a pizza , chinese etc ] at work , overnight , early
morning .

The sensor memory will then be downloaded and having reviewed the blood
glucose profile, changes can be made to your insulin regime [whether pen or
pump ]
It'll help answer many of those questions about bolus needs , sport
adjustments and particularly overnight control when you're not able to check
it easily .

2.- The data will not be available on the screen in this first model .
It will simply take continual glucose measurements and record them in the
memory . It should be considered rather like an ECG monitor .

3.The 507 and 507C pump can also be downloaded with the same software
package so that the sensor data and pump data can be overlapped to make dose
adjustment easier .

4. The second model which will follow soon after will be an individual
hypoglycemic alarm and this will display the blood glucose readings and
alarm when minimum or maximum B/G values are reached .

5. We are working on a system which will combine the pump and the sensor so
that the pump rate  will be automatically adjusted by the sensor . This
product is not yet complete .

I'll keep you updated as we progress .
John , you should speak to your clinic in Germany and see if you can get
included in a sensor trial  . Minimed pump centres will be starting to use
the sensor this Autumn in Germany .

Have a good weekend .

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