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Re: [IPk] How long?


I have to correct your comment re the MiniMed pump running indefinitely  as
what you say is misleading and inaccurate - it does if you pay for any
repairs/servicing etc outside the guarantee period ie you are committing
yourself to unspecified and unforeseen future expenditure.

With the Disetronic pump the costs are up front with no hidden extras.  I
also understand that only the motor is guaranteed 'for life' on the MiniMed
system not the whole pump components.  By the way in a previous company I
know of the phrase 'guaranteed for life' was not accepted by the  Trading
Standards Office in the Uk as they considered this phrase misleading-worth
checking up on.

Best wishes

John H
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From: John Neale <email @ redacted>
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Date: 24 September 1999 00:27
Subject: Re: [IPk] How long?

>>I'm wondering how long it normally takes to get established and confident,
>>how long would I need to plan to go home for?
>Paul -
>Depends on how comfortable you are with the gadgets, and to what extent you
>are a natural troubleshooter/logical thinker. Most of the training involves
>teaching you how to anticipate problems and solve them before they become
>I would guess a few days to get the hang of it all, a few weeks to settle
>in and sort out the finer points, and then 6 months to become an old pro...
>Most "support" can be over the phone, so I guess a few weeks in Britain
>would be ample.
>But that's just my opinion. And I've only been through it once :-)
>>Also, comments on which pump is populer with UK users and why.
>Arrange to handle both pumps before you decide. How are you financing
>things? The Disetronic pump is programmed to only run for 4 years. After
>this you must start all over again and buy a new one. The logic is that it
>prevents you using old equipment. They also provide you with 2 pumps (2
>years per pump) so you have a backup pump ready in case of need.
>On the other hand, the Minimed pump runs indefinitely, which concerns some
>people since you could be running around with a 20 year old pump with a
>smashed up case and worn out buttons...
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