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Re: [IPk] How long?


The pump situation in the Uk is pretty embryonic still for historical
reasons.  When I left Novo Nordisk in 1990 there were about 250 people on
the Nordisk infuser.  When Novo pulled out of the pump market following the
takeover of Nordisk a deal was done with MiniMed to swap out the Nordisk
infusers for MiniMed pumps.  Currently I beleive there are about 200 MiniMed
pumps (Ray please correct me if I am wrong) in use and 104 Disetronic pumps.

I understand that the Disetronic pump(H-TRON plus) is very popular with the
Disetronioc customers and the MiniMed pump is very popular with the MiniMed
customers!!  You need to get the brochures, check the web-sites (that of Bob
Burnett is interesting as he is the only person I know who has lived with
both pumps) and get the brochures.  If you send me or Estelle Lucas your
address details we can send the info to you.  Mail to  email @ redacted

I have no doubt our CSII Nurse Trainer would love to go to Nairobi to carry
out your training but it might just take up our whole travel budget!!

Are you the Paul Kennedy of Novo France fame by any chance?

Best wishes

John H
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Date: 23 September 1999 07:05
Subject: [IPk] How long?

>I am currently looking into the possibility of changing from multi
injection to
>a pump. I'm from N. Ireland and currently live and work in Nairobi. I would
>to return to UK / Ireland to get "wired up".
>I'm wondering how long it normally takes to get established and confident,
>how long would I need to plan to go home for?
>I would be very interested to hear of your experiences.
>Also, comments on which pump is populer with UK users and why.
>Paul Kennedy
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