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Re: [IPk] How long?

> I am currently looking into the possibility of changing from multi
> injection to a pump. I'm from N. Ireland and currently live and work
> in Nairobi. I would have to return to UK / Ireland to get "wired
> up".
I think there is a pump doc at a clinic in a city near you. Ask both 
MiniMed and Disetronic for a referral. That could save you the travel 
as well as provide nearby medical support. I corresponded with a 
family last year that was located somewhere in Africa, but I do not 
now recall where.

> I'm wondering how long it normally takes to get established and
> confident, i.e. how long would I need to plan to go home for?
Probably a week or two at the most. It can take up to 6 weeks to get 
basal rates firmly established, however, you can handle most of it 
yourself once you are familiar with the protocol.

Purchase the book "Pumping Insulin"


to familiarize yourself with all the details of bg management using a 

> I would be very interested to hear of your experiences.
> Also, comments on which pump is populer with UK users and why.
Both pumps are excellent. They have only idiosyncratic differences.
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