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Re: [IPk] shift work

I wonder if you have developed any systematic kind of way of varying
your basal rates according to whether you are awake or asleep. From
what you say it doesn't sound like you have, but maybe it's worth
investigating. That way you could prevent rather than treat the
problem of varying Bgs caused by varying sleep patterns.

For example, I tend to need more insulin while I'm asleep than I do
while awake. So if I was going to be up all night I might lower my
basal rate a little, and then raise it when I went to bed.

But maybe your schedule at night makes it too difficult to do that.
Just a thought.
> I don't strictly do shift work, but since I'm self employed and freelance,
> I will often work right through the night to get a job finished, and grab
> some sleep the next day, which I suppose is self-imposed shift work :-)
> This does kick the system a bit, and when I was on injections (MDI) it
> would often throw my control all over the place. Now, if I find my bg has
> risen too far, I just take an extra unit or two to bring it back into the
> normal range in a controlled way.
> So all-nighters can throw my body clock, and change my basal requirements,
> but I manage this easily "on the hoof".
> John
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