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[IPk] shift work

>. I want to help people have more control over their diabetes than the
>other way around. Interested also in travel and with diabetes this can be a
>stress - also intested in how people have found shift-work on the pump!

I don't strictly do shift work, but since I'm self employed and freelance,
I will often work right through the night to get a job finished, and grab
some sleep the next day, which I suppose is self-imposed shift work :-)

This does kick the system a bit, and when I was on injections (MDI) it
would often throw my control all over the place. Now, if I find my bg has
risen too far, I just take an extra unit or two to bring it back into the
normal range in a controlled way.

So all-nighters can throw my body clock, and change my basal requirements,
but I manage this easily "on the hoof".


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